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Silverstone Composites
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About Us

Our Background
Our founder, Marcus Trofimov, has over a decade of experience working in high production environments within the composite industry. Through working with these fast-paced trades, Marcus has learnt the value of delivering high-quality components within very tight deadlines.

Using his considerable knowledge in composite component production, Marcus founded Silverstone Composites Ltd in May 2016 to provide bespoke composite manufacturing solutions to a variety of trade sectors throughout the UK, including the motorsport, marine, military, automotive, aerospace, track bikes and medical mobility industries.

With the relevant knowledge and capabilities to ensure accuracy and precision for each and every project, Silverstone Composites Ltd is able to assure our clients that each product leaving our facility matches their requirements exactly and is in perfect working order.

Why use Silverstone Composites Ltd.

  • Speed - We manufacture precise components within in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Quality - From moulding specialised motorsport parts to hand trimming and finishing the finest composite components. We ensure quality workmanship throughout our production process to create products of the highest standards.
  • Trust - With combined team experience of over 30 years in manufacturing composite components, clients can trust Silverstone Composites Ltd to deliver high performance products along with professional client services.
  • Assurance - We take the extra step in assuring that your products or components are in working order by inspecting every product and fixing any problems before they occur.

Our Capabilities
We are able to fabricate carbon fibre components which are strong, durable, lightweight, high temperature tolerant and show low thermal expansion. Our full list of capabilities include:

  • Composite Mould Manufacturing
  • Composite Laminating
  • Autoclave and Oven Curing
  • Hand Trimming and Finishing
  • Bonding and Final Assembly
  • Inspection of components