Silverstone Composites Team

With a combined team experience of over 30 years in manufacturing composite components, clients can trust Silverstone Composites Ltd to deliver high performance products along with professional client services. We take the extra step in assuring that your products or components are in working order by inspecting every product and fixing any problems before they occur. We are highly focussed on implementing structures and processes to guarantee that all aspects of the company operate correctly and without issue.
Our team pride themselves on their ability to work well together to produce the highest quality components possible. The particular skills of each individual member compliments the group to provide the company with a broad spectrum of expertise and experience. Like the oil to an engine, the team is crucial to the smooth running of Silverstone Composites.

Our Team


Marcus Trofimov - Managing Director

Marcus is our Managing Director with over 11 years of experience in the industry. With extensive knowledge of engineering and manufacturing in a fast-paced environment Marcus has learnt the value of delivering high-quality components within very tight deadlines.
Using his vast knowledge in composite component production, Marcus founded Silverstone Composites Ltd in order to provide bespoke composite manufacturing solutions to a variety of trade sectors throughout the UK, including the motorsport, marine, military, automotive, aerospace and medical mobility industries.
Marcus has a unique approach to providing clients with a tailored structure to achieving their end goal.
For Marcus, composites isn’t just a career – it’s a passion! Marcus enjoys keeping up with Formula One, both live at Silverstone and also on the television, taking pride in watching the cars he has helped to create.

Chris Hardy - Composite Technician

Chris joined the industry fresh from his high school days. With a background in engineering and architecture Chris is highly focussed on precision and perfection with all of his creations.
He also has a strong interest in machinery and technology which comes in very handy when choosing new tools and equipment for the business.
Chris is fluent in CAD/CAM design, with an extensive knowledge base in composites, always looking at new and innovative ideas within the industry.
Since joining Silverstone Composites Ltd Chris has brought his expertise and creativity to the foreground and is now able to progress and develop ideas to create evermore inventive solutions.

Wai Kin Lee - Composite Technician

Wai has 6 years of experience, predominately in Formula One. However, he also has a profound personal interest in road cycling and is very keen to help Silverstone Composites pursue this particular aspect of the industry.
He is a fully trained and certified Autoclave operator and relishes a challenge.
With a degree in photography Wai is always on hand and happy to help with any of our projects involving artistic creations.
Having joined Silverstone Composites Ltd from it’s conception, Wai is passionate about helping the business to grow and develop.

Reece Straiton - Composite Technician

Reece is the newest member of the Silverstone Composites team with 4 years of experience in the industry.
He has an extended diploma in Motorsport Engineering and a deep love of the Moto GP, bringing yet another form of racing passion to the company.
Reece is always willing to learn new skills and approaches to working within the industry and is very keen to broaden his portfolio of abilities.


Gemma Trofimov - Company Secretary

Gemma is our Company Secretary and deals predominately with the accounts and financial side of the business, keeping the company running smoothly.
She has many years of experience within the financial industry, she is fluent in Sage and accounts and has substantial skills in company management and organisation.
Gemma co-founded Silverstone Composites Ltd with her husband Marcus and is focussed on supporting the business whilst also raising their two children and running the family home.

Stephanie Mitchell - Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

Stephanie began her time at Silverstone Composites contracting just a few days per week but enjoyed working with the company so much, that after only a few months with them, she decided to leave the freelancing life behind and join the team permanently.
She has previous experience working as an Executive Assistant at CEO level, and also has extensive client management knowledge.
Stephanie is highly practiced at implementing new systems and developing software to suit specific purposes, due to this she was able to design and build a bespoke database to compliment the day-to-day running of the company.