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At Silverstone Composites Ltd, we have the equipment, highly trained personnel and relevant experience required to produce top quality components for a variety of fast-paced trade sectors.


Silverstone Composites Ltd specialises in providing the Formula One industry with the lightest race car components without compromising on durability and performance.
We understand that fast production, as well as attention to detail, is crucial when manufacturing parts for the motorsport sector. Due to the ever-changing nature of the industry we aim to produce high-quality, specialist parts in the smallest possible time frame.


Our team assists companies in creating safer and more fuel efficient vehicles by using composites that are not only lightweight, but have the ability to absorb impact with little to no damage.
We provide composite manufacturing for any component or part needed for the automotive industry and understand the need to create high performing, lightweight vehicles with low CO2 emissions.
Silverstone Composites Ltd can deliver components to aid in longevity to critical components required in the automotive trade.


We can help you get ahead of the competition by helping to design and create lighter, stronger and more durable sports equipment.
More and more elite sportsmen and women, as well as sport equipment manufacturers, are realising the huge benefits of using composite materials to gain a competitive edge in their respective sports.
Most sports can be improved with specialised sports equipment created from composite materials, some of these sports include: golf, tennis, hockey, cycling, surfing and skiing. We can help athletes achieve optimal performance and strength, by providing specialist, lightweight and robust equipment.


Silverstone Composites Ltd is able to manufacture critical components for the aerospace industry which are able to resist damage caused by harsh weather conditions and low pressures associated with high altitude flights.
Composite materials have been in demand within the aerospace industry for many years, as air and spacecraft engineers value these lightweight materials for their strength and durability. We can produce high-quality composite components specifically designed for planes and other flight equipment.
Our team of expert engineers can create complex composite components for both civil and commercial aerospace markets in the shortest amount of time without undermining quality or reliability.

Medical - Mobility

We are able to mould composites into some of the most complex shapes which enables us to cater to the needs of manufacturers in the medical mobility industry. Using composites to produce mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs and prosthetics, has become a popular choice among the medical community. Composite materials can provide effective mobility solutions as they are lighter, with added durability and are even more cost effective than conventional metals; such as aluminium and titanium.


Composites are ideal for the marine industry as they can resist damage against acid, rain and salt spray.
Using this cutting-edge and cost-effective material means that boats are stronger, lighter in weight and more resistant to any damage that can be caused by harsh weather and the wet environment.
We have the necessary expertise and equipment to enable us to work with both private clients, looking to add a specific component to their yacht, as well as commercial clients searching for effective solutions to complex marine vessel engineering problems.