Welcome to Silverstone Composites

We manufacture high-performance, durable composite components and tooling for some of the most challenging engineering environments.

With a combined team experience of over 30 years in the composite manufacturing industry, we possess the relevant knowledge and skills to create specialised products matching the detailed designs of all our clients.

Quality, service and efficiency are our focus and we are always on the lookout for new technologies and methods which will allow us to improve the calibre of our products and the speed of our lead time.

Our Services


Composite Mould Manufacture

We are experienced in composite moulding, a process where a mould or tools are produced by laminating a number of glass fibre or carbon fibre ‘pre-preg laminate’ into or onto the pattern, from there they are cured in the autoclave to create composite moulds that are strong and durable.


Our team is able to carry out composite laminating. The process is to hand lay 2 or more plies to permanently bond the materials together. The different materials are cured in order to make sure that components produced are strong, durable and reliable.

Autoclave & Oven Curing

We understand that autoclave and oven curing are essential in creating tough and durable components. Autoclaves apply both heat and pressure onto a component in order to harden it, whilst ovens only apply heat enabling a coating or adhesive to set.

Hand Trimming & Fitting

We do all our trimming and fitting by hand. We believe this ensures a higher quality finished product, along with minimising unacceptable defects and inaccuracies.

Bonding and Final Assembly

At our manufacturing facility we have a specialised humidity-controlled bonding area, which is used to guarantee that trimmed components and parts are effectively bonded together.


At Silverstone Composites Ltd, we go the extra mile to make sure all parts are high quality and perfectly match all our client’s requirements. All our components are checked for defects, flaws and any irregularities after production.

Our Sectors

Silverstone Composites Ltd produces high-quality and durable components as well as tooling for some of the most challenging and fast paced trade sectors such as the motorsport and aerospace industries. We focus on manufacturing products for the motorsport industry and have the necessary capabilities to produce specialised components for all race cars including Formula One Cars.
Medical - Mobility

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